Guilty Pleasures

Hostess' Strawberry, Banana, Chocolate, and Blue Raspberry Creme Twinkies: A Taste Test

The Guilty Pleasure: Hostess' Summer of Twinkies flavored Twinkies Where to Get It: Walmart Price: $2.50 for a box of 10 What It Really Costs: Having irreversibly greasy fingers for the rest of the day

Like so many others, I felt a little twinge of panic when Hostess announced it was going away for good in 2012. At that time I genuinely wondered about whether life would be the same without the Twinkie. Would our kids grow up without knowing the beloved American snack? Of course the crisis was averted and in July 2013 the Twinkie returned to convenience store shelves -- it was really the only fitting ending for a snack that's known for its everlasting powers.

But this time around Hostess is doing things differently. They aren't about to let the Twinkie slide back out of America's culinary consciousness. They're going to be a hip, cool brand. They're going to be like Oreo, with an array of flavors for customers to choose from.

Enter, the Hostess Summer of Twinkies.

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Lauren Saria
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