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Mary Coyle's Ol' Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor Has Closed After 63 Years

It's a sad day for ice cream loving Phoenicians. According to a post on the restaurant's Facebook page, Mary Coyle's Ice Cream Parlor has closed its doors for good.

In 2011 the restaurant and ice cream shop flirted with closure only to be a saved at the last minute by Mike Stoffey, a longtime vendor, who purchased the business with the intention of "re-establish[ing] Mary Coyle as a great community gathering place."

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The post on the Mary Coyle's Facebook page reads:

Mary Coyle has closed it's 7th Avenue location. According to the owner, "It is with great heartache that I close the Mary Coyle ice cream parlor and restaurant on 7th Avenue. This is both a personal and professionally difficult decision and one that I did not make without great deliberation. I have been a Mary Coyle fan for four generations and that remains true," he said.

Mary Coyle's opened its doors in 1951. When sold in 2011 it underwent some renovations including new paint and reupholstering booths; the new owner also made adjustments to the recipes.

For decades it was a local destination for classic ice cream, featuring 16 percent butterfat and a nostalgic selection of shakes, sundaes, and other frozen treats.

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