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10 Best Costumes from Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2015 at Phoenix Convention Center

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Marty McFly

Okay, so it's the second month of 2015 and it's starting to feel like Back to the Future has lied to us, big time. No flying cars, no rehydrated pizza, and most importantly, no power-lace Nikes or hoverboards. We got our hopes up a little, however, when we saw Albuquerque resident Dustin Kiska hanging out at the convention center looking very much like Marty McFly, including having a color-changing cap and an authentic-looking Mattel hoverboard.

And while Kiska joked at first that it was the real deal (including telling us, "I can't turn it on and ride it since the 'con staff told me that its not allowed indoors"), he finally admitted that its one of the screen-accurate props that he creates and sells online. "It's something that I make since its from one of my favorite childhood movies," he says. "I love making props."

Kiska, however, got back into character for a couple of wide-eyed kids who approached the prop-maker as we spoke to him. "Does that thing work?" one of them asked.

"It will in October," Kiska responded with a smile.


Say what you will about the geekiness of cosplayers, but they tend to be good with their hands and can get things done under pressure. To wit: It only took Gilbert web developer Ben Wheat a week to build this impressive recreation of techno-organic Guyver armor from the popular anime and manga series from the 1980s.

"Yeah, it was a speed build," Wheat says. "It took exactly a week and I spent $150 on this one, most of it was on the paint." It was a small price to pay, considering he got to show off something from his favorite anime. "I've always wanted to do it and finally sat down and built it from scratch," he says. Well done, sir.

Big Daddy and Little Sister

In the Art Deco-infused and Ayn Rand-inspired apocalyptic world of popular video game BioShock, players often do battle against bulky bio-mechanical creatures known as Big Daddies, which are genetically mutated humans grafted into diving suits. They usually accompanied by the eerie, childlike beings called Little Sisters that follow alongside and harvest vital biological substances from corpses and are pretty darn creepy, to say the least.

Setting aside all the eeriness of the characters, there's something of a parental relationship between the two characters, whereby Big Daddies will protect and defend their Little Sisters with deadly force. So this particular cosplay, featuring Phoenix resident Paul Ishii as a Big Daddy and his daughter as a Little Sister seems apropos and a little touching to boot. Plus, he did a great job creating both costumes.

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