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10 Most Expensive Celebrity Beauty Treatments

They say beauty is only skin deep, but apparently even shallow good looks can cost a fortune if you're a Hollywood hotshot. We all know that movie stars and the like are prone to spending ridiculous amounts of money on things, but in case you forgot that it takes a village (of rich, talented people) to keep them looking the way they do, here's a list of their priciest beauty secrets to serve as a reminder.

Kate Middleton: Bee Venom Facials $255 a treatment (though bee venom can cost as much as $55,200 per ounce)

We're just going to assume that the price of bee venom directly correlates to how much of a pain in the ass it must be to collect. Regardless, dropping a couple hundred on a facial is pretty extreme. In Princess Kate's defense, there are a whole lot of people interested in her looks. though, and rumor has it she was introduced to the treatment by her stepmother-in-law, the Duchess of Cornwall. So maybe we'll give her break.

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Angelina Joile: Caviar Skin Creme $300 a treatment

Apparently in 2007, Jolie decided that because eating caviar wasn't opulent enough, she would also start rubbing the expensive little eggs into her face. Of course that's around the same time she started dating Brad Pitt, so maybe she was just feeling insecure about being compared to the ageless Jennifer Aniston -- and who can blame her for that? This caviar face cream is made specifically from eggs of the Baerii sturgeon, which have high protien and oil content that's supposed to be good for the skin.

Victoria Beckham: Sheep Placenta Facial $500 per treatment

You might have already heard that Mrs. Beckham is a fan of putting bird poop on her face, but apparently the hotter, newer thing to hit A-listers' faces is sheep placenta. But of course they're not just placenta from any old sheep. This stuff is flown in from New Zealand to ensure they're unspoiled by, you know, bad stuff. Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer says the placenta stem cells prevent free radical damage to the skin.


Beyonce: Gold Manicure $85 per finger or $850 a treatment

Earlier this year, while getting primped and prepped for her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, Beyonce invested in an extravagant set of nails. Done by H&H, the gold lacquered nails were shaped into points and fitted with 3D accents. However, it's not so surprising she dropped nearly a grand on them when you take into consideration that Bijules designer Jules Kim said Beyonce spent 36 grand on diamond-encrusted snake nail rings, which you can see evidence of in her "Sweet Dreams" music video.

Serena Williams: Evian Bath $5,000 a dip

It gets pretty humid in Miami. If you're running around playing tennis and sweating in that heat, you'll probably want a bath. And if you're a true diva, you'll head to Hotel Victor to get in on its Evian experience like tennis superstar Serena Williams. For just $5,000 they'll fill up a 350-gallon, infinity-edge tub with over 1,000 liters of Evian Natural Spring Water. That fat check will also buy you some spa treatments, snacks, and a bottle of bubbly. Maybe it's not a bad buy after all?

Mila Kunis: Ruby and Diamond Facial $7,000 a treatment

Because diamonds are a girl's best friend, stars and other rich people like Mila Kunis like to crush them up and scrub their face with them. The treatment, created by Scott-Vincent Borb, uses the precious stones to exfoliate the skin. Rumor is you also get an ice cube to suck on to reduce swelling. We're guessing that the frozen water comes free.

Rihanna: Hair $20,000 a week

We'll give it to the girl; her hair does look pretty damn good. But $20,000 a week good? Does that level of hair awesomeness event exist? Apparently Rihanna thinks so, because according to reports her stylist Ursula Stephen makes an impressive $3,243 a day. A fact that's making us rethink going to college over beauty school.

Madonna: Cellupulse Wave Therapy Machine $75,000

We always had a hunch the The Queen of Pop was using some sort of sorcery to prevent aging. But it turns out the secret is just a really expensive machine. Sources say the singer bought a Cellupulse anti-cellulite acoustic wave therapy machine, which she uses twice a week to make sure her thighs never look a day over 30. Of course if you ask her people about the claim, they'll swear it's not true. Don't worry, Madge; we always knew you were a material girl.

Celine Dion: Humidifier $2,000,000

It takes a whole lot of energy to belt it out every night in Las Vegas theaters, but does that justify dropping $2 million on a humidifier to protect your vocal cords? Debatable. Nevertheless reports insist the singer spent $2 million installing a machine in a Las Vegas hotel room. Other reports say the Caesars Palace spent a grand total of $95 million building a special Colosseum venue for her in 2003.

Demi Moore: Austrian Leech Therapy Priceless

Demi Moore is bananas, and if you don't believe it, consider (and we mean, really think about this) that she willingly lets leeches suck her blood as part of some insane-sounding Austrian cleanse. No reports have circulated about how much the entire treatment costs, but we do hear it first involved shaving her entire body and bathing in turpentine. And that's all prior to letting four "highly trained medical leeches" get drunk on your blood. She says it leaves her feeling revitalized.

The mental images alone leave us feeling sick.

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