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10 Network Shows That Might Not Suck This Fall

Let's face it. The fall TV season, especially for network television, has lost a lot of its luster over the last decade. With all of the other options for awesome things to watch on cable channels, Netflix, Hulu, and every other Tom, Dick, and Harry Internet site getting ready to offer, at very least, the option to see humans and cartoons swear and get naked on your screen, why get excited over what the "regular" networks have to offer?

Why indeed.

Last year, for example, we can think of two new shows we watched without being bored, disgusted, or driven to playing Internet mahjongg while watching, and they were Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Goldbergs. We'd love to think the networks have it in them to produce equally funny shows this year, but the chances are slim. Sure, there were a few other shows that were fun to watch a high percentage of the time. The Blacklist was fun thanks to the inimitable James Spader, and Marvel's Agents of Shield had its moments thanks to Clark Gregg's steady delivery of the goods as Agent Coulson, but most of the shows that debuted in the fall of 2013 fell flat more often than not.

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