10 New Books to Read in Summer 2016

Whether you're sitting poolside or parking it on the couch, there's no denying that finding the right book can be the best part of summer. Fortunately, there's no shortage of good reads being released in 2016. Better get your bookmarks, because this summer is as much about your favorite lines as it is your tan lines. 

The Girls
Emma Cline
Out June 14

Culture bloggers have been talking about Emma Cline's book The Girls since word first circulated about the $2 million book deal back in 2014. Set primarily in 1960s northern California, The Girls follows a teenage girl who becomes involved in a cult of young women. Based loosely on the Manson murders, The Girls will have everyone drinking the Emma Cline Kool-Aid.

You Are Having a Good Time
Amie Barrodale
Out Now

If you're a devoted Vice follower, you're probably already familiar with the writing of the publication's fiction editor, Amie Barrodale. The edgy writer is no stranger to exposing the gritty underbelly of society, and takes her fiction one step further with a solo book of short stories.

You'll Grow Out of It 
Jessi Klein
Out July 12

If you're a fan of Inside Amy Schumer, this summer is a two-for. Not only is the famous comedian coming out with her own debut memoir, The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo, this August, her head writer, who's also a frequent Moth storyteller, former SNL writer Jessi Klein, is also releasing her first memoir. Readers of You'll Grow Out of It can look forward to Klein's usual comedic stylings of self-deprecating punchlines and anecdotal catastrophes.

What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours
Helen Oyeyemi
Out Now

Pro tip: When NPR describes a book as "flawless," it's in your best interest to add it to that Amazon cart, stat. What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours is the third and latest book by British author Helen Oyeyemi. It features nine short stories centered around the theme of keys. Described as winning in words, originality, and humor, Oyeyemi's newest offering seems to be part book, part work of art. 

Zero K
Don DeLillo
Out now

If you're in the mood for quasi-science fiction that doesn't stray too far from the very near future, Don DeLillo has you covered. The acclaimed writer, who's already known for such books at Underworld, White Noise, and Cosmopolis, has been getting positive reviews from The Guardian, The Atlantic, and The New York Times for his latest work, Zero K. In a world where cryogenic freezing allows us to manipulate our own mortality, DeLillo uses his characters to explore the fear of dying and what it really means to embrace life.

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