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10 Places to Plot, Party, and Recoup Like a Baseball Wife (VIDEO)

Just in time for Cactus League Spring Training, here's your guide to places where you can party, scheme, trash talk, make out, and dance like one of Vh1's Baseball Wives -- Erika Monroe Williams, Brooke Villone, Anna Benson, Chantel Kendall, Tanya Grace, and Jordana Lenz.

The ladies made the Valley's nightlife rounds, mostly spending time in Scottsdale, and here are six spots they hung out while filming. Be sure to bring along your favorite quotable quips from the reality show's first season, including Tanya's handy pick-up lines like, "I wanna taste your gum," and Anna Benson's life mantras such as, "I'm a bomb ass bitch. I ain't June Cleaver."

10. The Mint
When the wives take to this Scottsdale bank-turned-club in the first episode, things get wild. Tanya swapped spit with a stranger (under the guise of gum tasting), Chantel told her "gusband" (translation: gay husband) that post-divorce she wants to "celebrate me," and Jordana awkwardly danced on a table -- and noted in her commentary on the night that she loves attention. Huh. We never would've guessed.

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