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13 Favorite Costumes from Halloween Weekend in Metro Phoenix

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Some came out dressed to impress, others were interested in being either scary or sexy. But no matter what sort of costumes partiers wore while strolling through local bars and clubs after dark in honor of Halloween this past weekend, almost everyone was adorned in something interesting. Although the majority wore store-bought getups, there was a multitude of costuming that was of the homemade sort, whether it was a dude clad in a cardboard box with "medical marijuana" scrawled on it or the astounding-looking robots, superheroes, or horror film monsters.

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We were out and about ourselves and not only grabbed hundreds of photos of the nonstop costume parade, but also compiled a list of some of our favorites that we encountered between all the Walter Whites and Miley Cyrus wanna-bes.

By the way, if you haven't had a chance to show off your threads just yet, there are still a surfeit of Halloween celebration this week up until Thursday, October 31, and beyond. (Hit up our annual party guide for more info.)

In the meantime, here are the costumes that caught our eye over the weekend at events like the Haunted Hotel Ball at the Valley Ho in Scottsdale or the Monster Masquerade in Tempe.

Zoltan Followers Soon these two will leave this lame planet and fly through outer space to find cool aliens that like them, but not before taking time for our cameras while partying at the Monster Masquerade at Fat Tuesday in Tempe. Plus, any reference to Dude, Where's My Car? is aces in our book. Zoltan!

Grumpy Cat Even though Grumpy Cat is a bit long in the tooth as far as Internet celebrities go, we're still very much smitten with the cranky kitty and Valley resident. So much so that we dug this anthropomorphized version of Tardar Sauce that attended the Ghostball outside of Maya in Scottsdale.

Blankman Unless you're over the age of 25, you probably don't remember the Damon Wayans superhero parody Blankman, wherein the comedian portrayed a bumbling nerd and repairman who adopted the alter ego of a bumbling, wanna-be caped crusader. We were fans of the flick, as was Valley resident Wyatt Hardy, who earns cool points and inclusion on this list for digging up the character from schlock film obscurity for a night out in Old Town Scottsdale.

Marie Antoinette & Executioner It's been eons since our history of western civilization class, but we're fairly sure that Marie Antoinette didn't have her melon lopped off by an axeman, much less one as fearsome-looking as this executioner we spotted at the Valley Ho. Still, historical quibblings aside, this twosome -- portrayed by Sunny Lee (left) and Jimmy Cullen -- took the cake.

Rex Kwon Do While he didn't slap us upside the head (à la Kip in Napoleon Dynamite), break our wrists and then walk away, or hit us up for $300 to learn the secrets of the octagon over eight weeks, this practitioner of Rex Kwon Do at Fat Tuesday's Monster Masquerade did let us grab a photo of him.

Turd Ferguson It might not get as much love as Darrell Hammond's whacked burlesque of Sean Connery from the famed Saturday Night Live Celebrity Jeopardy sketches ("I'll take 'Jap anus relations' for $200"), but Norm McDonald's gum-chewing, hyperactively bizarro send-up of Burt Reynolds -- and his chosen moniker of "Turd Ferguson" -- is just as hilarious. Ditto for this Halloween version we spied at Giligin's. Face it: Turd Ferguson, it's a funny name.

Cholula Girl It might play second or third fiddle when compared to Tabasco and Sriracha, but we personally prefer Cholula as our hot sauce of choice, especially when a hottie is impersonating its iconic señorita-laden bottle, like this lass at Fat Tuesday's Monster Masquerade.

Loufa & Soap Yeah, this couples costume worn by Desiree and Alex Gonzales to the Haunted Hotel Ball at the Valley Ho might be one of those things that's either gonna make you gag or go "Awwww!" in response, but we happened to think it was adorable. We're not made of stone, people.

Jamaican Bobsledders Since we're in the neighborhood of pop cultural icons from back in the day, this foursome -- consisting of Katie Castignetti, Courtney Stevens, Lee Castignetti, and Stephanie Moya -- gets props for showing up to the Ghostball in Scottsdale dressed as the famed unlikely heroes of the 1988 Winter Olympics that inspired the movie Cool Runnings. Thankfully, they refrained from using blackface to give a more accurate portrayal.

Riff Raff We seriously had to do a double take when we crossed paths with this dead ringer for the notoriously over-the-top debaucherous white boy rapper (a.k.a. JodyHighRoller -- the clown prince of nonsensical non-sequitirs) inside of Maya's nightclub. And we say that because not only was he recreation of Riff Raff pretty dead on, but also because the Mad Decent star is known to troll around Scottsdale.

Tron Daft Punk Most fans of Daft Punk hoping to imitate the legendary French electronica duo settle for just their robot-like helmets. No so with Valley resident David Smith, who spent a pretty penny on recreating Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo as seen DJing at Castor's End of Line Club in Tron Legacy for the Haunted Hotel Ball.

Animal and Janice There's a little bit of Animal from The Muppets inside us all, which explains why the drum-banging creature from Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem is such a popular and endearing character. One local, who hung out at Giligin's in Scottsdale, embraced his inner animal writ large for Halloween and brought along Janice, Dr. Teeth's groovy guitarist, for the ride. And by sheer happenstance, the couple ran into another group of Muppet lovers at the Scottsdale spot who were adorned in the costumes of the Swedish Chef, Statler, and Waldorf.

Fast Food Mascots These are the faces that have served up greasy eats to billions and billions of customers worldwide and made for a rather unique and cool group costume, which we spotted at the Valley Ho's Haunted Hotel Ball.

Locals Dirk Nelson (Jack Box), Chris Miller (The Colonel), Mike Garcia (Ronald McDonald), Kylie Johnson (Wendy), Corey McMullen (Burger King), and Jamie Bucciarelli (The Noid) donned accurate recreations of the fast food icons and nabbed lots of attention at the party. Thank you, drive thru!

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