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24-Karat Gold Leggings Claim to Make Legs Look Younger

If you're wondering what to get the person who has everything, including some unsightly thunder thighs that could do with some smoothing over, we have found the absolute perfect gift.

And obviously by "perfect" we of course mean "bat-shit ridiculous."

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A British retailer called Proskins is selling a line of apparel that claims to hinder the aging process. And while the Internet already has its fair share of anti-aging gimmicks up for sale, we have to say, one of these featured items ranks pretty high on absurdity.

The Gold Anti-Aging Compression leggings are apparently the newest advancement in luxury stockings. Despite looking just like regular leggings that you can find practically anywhere, these $197 leggings contain 24-karat gold.

Proskins credits the rejuvenating effects of the leggings to actual gold-infused yarn, which allegedly replenishes the skin's depletion of moisturizing hyaluronic acid. In short, they're lotion leggings.

Proskins also carries a Gold Anti-Aging Mask and Gold Anti-Aging Gloves, priced at $72 each or $120 for the set.

So depending on your budget this holiday season, you can either shell out the $200 bucks to get your friend a pair of treasure tights from overseas or simply pick up a bottle of lotion and head to Old Navy.

We vote for the latter.

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