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A Cat is Running for Mayor in Mexico

You know your government's bad when a cat is running for office.

Political candidate Morris the Cat is running for Mayor in the town of Xalapa, Mexico. The cat was nominated by two men who were so fed up with their government, they figured a cat who sleeps and does nothing all day wouldn't really be any different the human politicians they have in office right now.

And while Morris probably will not win the July 7 election, we could totally imagine a future in which he did.

Here are five reasons why we could really get behind a cat mayor.

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5. Because Morris is a tuxedo cat, he's basically dressed to impress 24/7. No wardrobe malfunctions from this little guy. Plus it's sort of a universal fact that all of our unsung heroes wear tuxedos: James Bond, Tuxedo Mask, magicians...

4. Because rat population would go down. This is already a campaign proposal noted on the El Candigato Morris Facebook Page (though we're pretty sure it was referring to current local officials).

3. Because cats are sacred -- so say the ancient Egyptians... and most of the Internet.

2. Because if Morris was elected, it would open up the playing field to all kinds of four-legged politicians. We personally know a chihuahua that has exhibited great leadership skills.

1. Because Grumpy cat landed a movie deal.

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