A Collection of Handmade Native Fashions for Anyone's Wardrobe

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5. Earrings by Mea B'Fly aka MaRia Bird, Navajo/Hopi Colorful and dramatic Bird's handmade, affordable earrings add a fun touch to any ensemble. Many of her designs have a photo scene and design on one side and an equally colorfully designed flip side.

The balsa wood base for the earrings makes them very light weight and although Bird hails from a small community on the western edge of the Navajo Nation and northern edge of the Hopi reservation her designs are at home in an urban environment.

4. T-shirts by Alano Edzerza, Tahltan Edzerza belongs to the Raven clan of the Tahltan Nation. "It's the art that is bringing the culture back alive," he says.

Alano says he feels a deep connection to the Tahltan creation story featuring the Raven. According to his website, ASICS and the Dutch Olympic Team contracted him to assist in designing their uniforms for the 2010 winter games.

His latest project is Edzerza Sports, a line of performance sportswear featuring his unique northwest coast styles. Edserza's silk screened T-shirts and sweatshirts are sure to stand out yet mix well into any casual wardrobe. Prices range from $28 to $85.

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