A Thrifty (Anti) Rabies Wrist Cuff
photo by Cyndi Coon

A Thrifty (Anti) Rabies Wrist Cuff

From time to time, the Thrifty Maker will find, bargain, borrow, steal (not really) to create something a little different. She'll rely on her own skills as a scout of treasures and will sometimes bring in a few experts to help. Q: With World Rabies Day fast approaching we must each ask ourselves what we are doing to protect ourselves? Need some advice?

A: Make a thrifty wrist cuff sprayed with sour apple. Why sour apple? Dogs and most animals hate the scent and upon smelling it will run the other direction to avoid it. But wearing an anti-rabies wrist cuff shouldn't mean that you let go of your fashion sense.

Supplies: - 2 or 3 used belts of varying widths - Sour Apple Spray - Sewing tape measure - Scissors - E-6000 industrial glue - Hammer and hole punch - Elastic or stretch cotton

A Thrifty (Anti) Rabies Wrist Cuff
Photo: Cyndi Coon

Steps: 1. Measure the circumference of your wrist using a sewing tape measure. 2. Take the used belts and mark the measurements. Cut along these marks so that the belts wrap snugly around your wrist. 3. Layer the different belt pieces on top of one another to your liking. 4. Glue layers together with E-6000 industrial glue, then place glued layers under a stack of heavy books over night to allow to set. 5. Using a hammer and hole punch, punch two holes on both ends of the belt layers. 6. Run ribbon thin elastic or stretch cotton through the holes leaving enough material to stretch. over the top of the cuff (see Illustration). 7. Spray elastic/stretch cotton with sour apple. 8. Wear with pride.

A Thrifty (Anti) Rabies Wrist Cuff

About World Rabies Day: World Rabies Day, on September 28th each year, is a global initiative to raise awareness about the continuing burden of rabies and how the disease can be prevented.

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