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Aaron Chamberlin Says Plans for Downtown Restaurant Include Knocking Out Exterior Wall -- and Sentrock's Mural

Last November, Joseph "Sentrock" Perez gave the now-defunct Downtown Phoenix Public Market a pretty sweet paint job, that you better check out in the next few days -- according to Aaron Chamberlin, who will open a farm-focused cafe in the space in 2013, the mural will be replaced by windows.

"Trust me, we're huge fans of murals and public art in downtown Phoenix," says Chamberlin, who hired DOSE and Hector Ruiz to paint a mural on the inside of his uptown restaurant, St. Francis. "But the plans for the space include windows where the mural is now ... and I'm hoping to get the mural put back up at the end of the building."

But many members of the community voiced their concerns and dismay this afternoon after Sentrock posted a photo with a caption: "new owner has plans to go over my mural, sucks for me but also this citys [sic] art culture. If you know this guy, please tell him since he is destroying a mural, he should help see another one created. Lms if you agree!"

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Claire Lawton
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