AIRE Mask: Charge Your iPhone While Breathing

Load up on the onions and garlic -- the AIRE mask is on its way.

Brazil-based inventor Joco Paulo Lammoglia writes that the mask contains tiny wind turbines and the energy created is transferred through a cable to your electronic device while sleeping, reading, even jogging.

That is, if you don't mind looking like Hannibal Lector and having onion breath while attempting to look on-trend during your morning jog.

The conceptual design hasn't hit markets and there's no word on whether breathing heavily (or creepily) has any effect on how fast your phone will actually charge.

Lammoglia does note, however, that the AIRE mask can gather energy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which means you better dump your girlfriend and strap that that killer mask on tight.

You, friend, will never have a dead phone.

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Claire Lawton
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