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Anarchy Squared Creations' Allen Amis on His Infamous Samurai Boba Fett Armor, How Hard Rock Inspires Costume-Making, and More

Some geeks slave over a killer cosplay outfit to wear at their hometown comic book convention. It earns them a variety of impressed stares, photo ops, and maybe some local notoriety. But when Valley prop maker/costume creator Allen Amis, who operates Anarchy Squared Creations, trotted out a full suit of samurai armor remixed with one of the sci-fi's most infamous rogues, it nabbed him worldwide acclaim and serious geek points across the Internet. Sites like i09, Neatorama, and others dug it hard.

Last year, the 40-something Chandler resident unveiled a Samurai Boba Fett costume at Phoenix Comicon that took him more than seven months and a couple thousand in change to construct. Given geekdom's unending groking of the Star Wars villain, it's no surprise what happened next.

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