Arizona School for the Arts and New Times Announce Shooflies Reading Series at Crescent Ballroom

Hey Phoenix, you ready to get schooled in storytelling?
Better start taking notes now: Arizona School for the Arts faculty Julie Hampton and New Times are teaming up to present Shooflies, an occasional reading series that puts the spotlight on stories from ASA high school seniors who are encouraged to explore personal narratives as part of Hampton's English curriculum. 

Think of it as an underage spinoff of Bar Flies, New Times' monthly reading series at Valley Bar. And mark your calendars for the first one, slated for Wednesday, January 20, at Crescent Ballroom. 

Eleven ASA students will read original narrative works at the inaugural event, and two will perform live music. The lineup will include Isabella Bargas, Joe Cheek, Kelly Dorney, Allison George, Nia Gordon, Claire Hetrick, Camryn Norwood-Pearson, Zane Sciacca, Justin Tran, and Adele Etheridge Woodson.

With pieces reflecting on their changing lives, these high schoolers will serve up slices of narrative pie starting at 7 p.m. Tickets to the 16-and-over event are $5 and now available through Ticketfly.

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