Art to Rug, a Restyle

What do you do with hundreds of yards of soft grey fleece after it is taken down from an exhibition? Give it to other artists to make things.

This fleece project came about after an exhibition at Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art called 90 Days Over 100° by Atherton and Keener, was taken down. The following is the result of the scraps re-styled into a functional rug.

Learn how to make a woven fleece rug after the jump.

• 2 yards of grey fleece
• 1 3-foot-by-2-inch strip of orange fleece
• One 18-by-24-inch piece of flat cardboard
• Painters tape
• Sewing Machine
• Thread

1. Cut fleece yardage into 1-inch-by-3-foot strips

2. Once you have a good pile of the fleece strips lay the card board down on a flat surface

3. Place strips in one direction, next to each other

4. Do this all the way across the piece of cardboard
5. Place painters tape along the top and bottom of the fleece strips and adhere them to the back-side of the cardboard. Add extra tape to ensure the strips are held tightly in place

6. Now take additional strips and weave them through the tape down strips, going above and below every other one to create a woven effect

7. Do this 2/3 of the way down, then add in a strip of orange fleece to create contrast. Finish the rest of the way with the grey

8. Pull the painters tape away from the board and add tape to the other two sides of the woven fleece

9. Using a sewing machine, sew along the outer edges of all four sides of the woven fleece rectangle, right on top of the tape.

10. Once sewn, remove all of the tape, it will pull off without pulling out the stitches

11. Trim along all four edges at the sewn lines, to remove any extra piece of fleece

Throw down on the ground and enjoy your newly created work of functional art!

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