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Avatar Gets Its Own Themed Nightclub ... Here are 10 More Movies We'd Like to See Club-ified

First it was the box office's highest-grossing film in the world, then it was the creepiest (and rarely well-executed) Halloween costume, and now, it's the inspiration for Avastar, a nightclub in South Africa.

Despite (but maybe because of?) the fiber optic lights, Na'vi-fied paintings, and blue ... everything, the club just doesn't feel as magical and big budget as the James Cameron epic. Admit it, the club looks like those glow in the dark felt posters from the Dollar Store.

Getting your drink on as an Avatar seems cool and all, but here are 10 movies we'd much rather see as nightclubs, in no particular order.

10. Fight Club Picture this: a gritty, sleezy location tucked in the crevices of your city. All the bartenders would dress like Tyler Durden. And you have to fight them to get your Kilt Lifter. Don't know what we'd do about advertising though, because, well, the first rule of Fight Club ...

9. Inception Good luck finding the bar. Our architect will create hallways and stairs that fold into themselves and access to the VIP lounge requires you and all others on the list to simultaneously "go deeper". If you regret sucking face with your ex on the dancefloor, take solace in the fact that you could just be dreaming.

8. The Matrix Like a friend suggested, it would be 18 to get in the club, 21 to get into the Matrix. Morpheus is the bouncer, so you'd better hope he sees the same outfit you think you're wearing.

7. To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar We realize there are well-established communities and club scenes with similar aesthetics, but they're all in San Francisco, Miami, or NYC. We want to party with the Phoenician Chi-Chi Rodriguez.

6. Harry Potter Which one? All eight? It doesn't matter -- a good nightclub investor knows the entire HP franchise is where the money is. Actually, we're surprised someone hasn't done this already. Two dollar you-call-its mean you cast a spell to get your drink. Butterbeer on tap? Yes, please!

5. The Great Gatsby (2012) Epitome of a decadent rager! We only have the film's trailer to use as a reference, but we'd focus on Fitzgerald's flashy parties and not the death, drama, and all the other things that happened in the novel we read in seventh grade.

4. Pineapple Express It would be more lounge than nightclub, a place where you can get away from the mind games at Club The Matrix or Club Inception. Full menu available to satisfy your cravings, of course.

3. Lion King We had to throw in an animated film for good measure. The club would have all the flair of the Broadway adaptation, but we'd add free-roaming (but totally tame) lions and cage dancers with feather headdresses. We'd want to capture the grandeur of the kingdom during Mufasa's reign, may he rest in peace.

2. Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland This has the potential to be overdone like Avastar, and we'd try our best to ensure it doesn't resemble a Lisa Frank poster. DJ MadHatter on the 1's and 2's. Queen of Hearts go-go dancers. Complimentary molly for the VIPs. The ultimate experience...if you're into hallucinogens.

1. 300 I've already seen someone get chest-stomped at a club before. It wasn't in slow motion, though, and swap the bottomless pit for a sticky dance floor. Club 300's dress code would be strictly enforced, as in don't come to Club 300 wearing much of anything. Draw your six-pack if necessary.

What films would you pay a cover to experience as a nightclub?

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