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Banana Boat Sunblock Removed from Stores After Reports of Igniting While on the Skin

If you have big plans to barbecue by the pool or hit the lake this weekend before it gets cool(er), you'll want to pack sunscreen -- and then check that the sunscreen isn't going to burn you.

Energizer Holdings announced this morning that it is voluntarily removing a number of continuous spray products under the Banana Boat label because they've received a number of complaints that the spray ignites on the skin when in contact with a spark or flame.


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According to Energizer, five reports of "adverse events involving burns" were associated with the use of the Banana Boat UltraMist Sport SPF 30 and 50 U.S. and Canada.

Company representatives say that because the spray valve openings on the Banana Boat continuous sprays shoot more lotion onto the skin, which takes longer to dry than other continuous spray sunscreens.

If a person uses the Banana Boat continuous spray and then comes into contact with a source of ignition including a flame from a lighter, a spark from a firework, or flames on a grill, there is "a potential" for the product to ignite -- all over the skin.

Energizer is now notifying its retail partners across the country to stop selling the product, which was distributed between January 2010 and September 2012, and is making changes to Banana Boat spray valves.

The company released a chart of Banana Boat sun care products that are being removed from shelves including:

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