Beach Ball Pool Party, Ignite Phoenix, Beer Can Art, Project Ethos, AZ Tattoo Expo, Combichrist, What Laura Says, and the Kronos Quartet Over the Weekend

Beach Ball Pool Party Echo Magazine, SWAY Events and 1N10 got together for the annual Beach Ball fundraiser on Saturday at the Wyndham's rooftop pool. The festivities included swimsuit and beach ball competitions. DJ Kela kept the pool partying...see photos

Ignite Phoenix 10, in Tweets If you've never been, Ignite's an event at which 18 presenters, chosen from a large number of public submissions, share their passions. The people on stage get just 5 minutes to convey their message while slides flash rapid fire on a large projector behind them...full story

Four Peaks' Beer Can Art Competition Four Peaks wanted you to drink beer and use your empties to create beautiful, wonderful art. You did, Phoenix. You combined your love for locally-brewed beer with your desire to cut apart metal cans and bring your artistic visions to life. Winners took home gift cards and cases of their choice. Check out all the beer-on-aluminum action...see photos

Project Ethos Arizona Project Ethos brought together the worlds of fashion, art and music on Friday night at Axis-Radius in Scottsdale. The highlight of the evening was the VitaminWater Zero Flavor Fashionista Challenge, in which local designers created clothing inspired by the popular beverage. The event included a performance by Snake! Snake! Snakes!, a fashion show, a ton of local art and as much free VitaminWater Zero as you could ask for...see photos

Arizona Tattoo Expo 2011 Ink, piercings, and art work - Oh my! Such was the state of the Mesa Convention Center during the 2011 Arizona Tattoo Expo. Folks got ink done by a score of tattoo artists. Keep your eyes open for dragons, pin-ups, and one photo realistic rendering of Willy Wonka...see photos

Combichrist at the Nile Theater Industrial is a tough genre for newer artists to emerge from and become truly successful in, but the potty-mouthed misogynists in Combichrist found the secret for doing just that: Go metal. The towering brick walls of Nile Theater provided both excellent acoustics and a fitting environment to contain the aural assault of twin drum kits, throbbing bass, and the maniacal screams of frontman Andy LaPlegua...full story

What Laura Says at The Icehouse I have a sneaking suspicion that a lot of the folks who packed into The Icehouse last night to watch and listen to Tempe-based What Laura Says don't own any Canned Heat or Allman Brothers Band LPs. "Boogie Rock" just isn't a genre name that gets tossed out a lot by the hip set, existing more exclusively as the domain of 45 + record geeks and "deep cut" spinning classic rock DJs...full story

Kronos Quartet at the Musical Instrument Museum San Francisco-based Kronos Quartet occupies an interesting niche in classical music. All four are adept players, and make their instruments (some of which are more than 300 years old) sing. But they don't play classical music from the canon. Instead of Bach, Mozart, and Rachmaninoff, Kronos Quartet ferrets out forgotten compositions from every corner of the world, and commissions original pieces by up-and-coming composers...full story

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Jonathan McNamara