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Being Human: Another Example of British Television Kicking (American) Ass

Being Human's a funny little show that premiered January of last year on BBC and is now on its third season in the United Kingdom.

While the original series is still running has 15 episodes under its belt, U.S.-based SyFy pounced on the idea and decided to run a remake. The new Americanized Being Human premiered on the January 23.

The skinny: A womanizing vampire (sigh) and a neurotic werewolf (bigger sigh) buddy up, rent a home and find and find that it is being haunted by a terribly desperate and annoying ghost (seriously) who died before she could marry the love of her life.

Even if you think the above has potential, the show cannot compare to the original. Here are just three reasons you should find a way to watch BBC Three's Being Human instead, or at least before, the new Syfy version.

Warning: Spoilers after the jump ...

European audiences are not the same as American Audiences

... and they're mostly cooler, which would explain the feel of the UK's version of Being Human, which is effortlessly cool, gritty, and dark. The American version is too quick to be funny. It's full of Twilight jokes, semi-witty banter, and ultimately ends up trying too hard.

The Syfy acting's one-dimensional

There are three main characters and the chemistry between is forced and stagnant.

SPOILER: Ghosts are usually tied to the homes they die in, but the American roommates become her family -- and literally become her home -- so that she can run away with them when trouble appears ...

Aiden, the vampire played by Sam Witwer is a pouty, creepy Robert Pattinson, and the lost soul played by Meaghan Rath doesn't help the situation by being so damn irritating.

For being a remake, not much is new or exciting

The characters have all changed names and are completely American, but lack any sense of charm. So why does SyFy bother with a confusing, frustrating, amateur remix?

We hope they figure it out before the cancellation axe arrives.

Being Human is on SyFy on Mondays at 9/8 central.

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