Brand-New Pro Skateboarding Shindig Coming to the West Side

Somebody's gonna get rich skating and (hopefully not) dying, dude.

Later this month, a titanic street-style skateboarding competition, Street League DC Pro Tour Skateboarding, hits up Arena in Glendale. The event will feature past winners of the Dew Tour, X Games and Maloof Money Cup, such as Ryan Sheckler, Paul Rodriguez Jr. and Chris Cole.

That's definitely chill, but get this: The winner of the shindig has a chance to take home $1.2 million, which is the "most prize money in history," according to the official release. That means these foolios will skate their heinies off to win those dollar bills.

Glendale plays host to the first of the three-event series that will also post up in Ontario, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada. Close to $400,000 will be divvied out at each spot on the tour, which will feature a bonafide street-obstacle course with four skill challenges: technical, creative, line, and big.

The event is scheduled to go off on Saturday, August 28. For more info, check out

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Steve Jansen
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