Brave Nu World

Remember when nu metal first blew up? All of a sudden, every high school burnout, slacker, and social pariah started sporting dreadlock pigtails, spooky contact lenses, and DIY accessories stolen from the local hardware store. All the kids who used to sit alone at lunch began to recognize this commonality and, before you knew it, there was a militia of emotionally disturbed outcasts ready to gouge the eyeballs out of every jock in school. (To this day, the only group more disconcerting than hardcore nu metal fans are Juggalos, between whom, regrettably, there is a substantial overlap.)

Korn lead singer Jonathan Davis hates being placed in the nu metal category. While Korn is generally credited as the most influential band of the genre, it also incorporates musically experimental elements that transcend the typical nu metal sound. Currently between Korn albums, Davis has decided to tour solo, performing both Korn songs and material he wrote for the film Queen of the Damned.

Mon., Dec. 3, 6:30 p.m., 2007
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Adriane Goetz