Burning Times

Flash back to a time when people stood up for human rights and spoke out against human cruelty, when protests made a difference and mind-altering substances fueled nothing but peace and love. Those were the days that sparked Burning Man, the annual festival of self-expression.

Take a magic mushroom trip through 30 years of the event’s history at a screening of the indie flick Dust & Illusions at Madcap Theaters. Director Olivier Bonin explores the evolution of the festival from co-founder Larry Harvey’s original idea of a pop-up community into a multimillion-dollar business, focusing on the political power struggles within the do-it-yourself creative environment. Bonin will also be on hand to answer all of your burning questions after the film.

Tue., June 7, 7 & 9 p.m., 2011
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Laurel Cole