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Cannabox is the Head Shop that Delivers

Pot heads are all about trying new things:Eeating Cheetos with ranch dressing, beginning a home remodel with finger paint, adopting livestock as pets...

Naturally, a new company is now offering a way for weed enthusiasts to expand their minds as well as their retail horizons through what is easily their favorite service of choice: delivery.

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Basically the Birchbox of weed, Cannabox is a delivery program of monthly cannabis-centric care packages. Each new batch contains a surprise assortment of five to seven pot-based products such as flavored wraps, lighters, and leafy novelty items.

Due to obvious Federal regulations, the less-than-1-year-old company cannot distribute actual marijuana. However, according to a report by Business Insider, co-founder Michael Berk feels confident that once marijuana is legalized, Cannabox will begin including samples from commercial growers in its shipments.

Since going public in September, Cannabox has acquired roughly 200 members with an initial average of 40 to 50 members joining each week. Cannabox subscriptions are $19.88 per month, $18.88 for three months, or $17.88 for six months (shipping and handling not included).

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