Caped Crusaders

Turning an errant beach towel into a cape is awesome, right? Why is it such a big deal if you decide to wear one (clothespins and all) around the office? We can think of few things that would better boost morale. Although it won’t take place inside cubicles, the KA-POW Superhero Adventure Run will save the day by unleashing our inner crime-fighters.

A costumed fun run in the sun is just what the Dr. Doom ordered, but what would a hero’s journey be without some obstacles? Whether taking the one-mile-long Wolverine course or the 2.4-mile Superman path, competitors will encounter challenges like Spiderman’s Web and Hulk Hay Hurdles. It should be a grand time -- even for pip-squeak Peter Parkers rocking the parkour.

Sat., April 28, 8 a.m.-noon, 2012
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Jose Gonzalez