Chandler's Annual Chihuahua Races (VIDEO)

On Cinco de Mayo, most folks seem to favor the Cinco de Drinko mantra, but Chandler's annual Chihuahua Races offered a family friendly alternative.

The main attraction was the races, where some well-trained pooches obediently raced to the finish line, while others sat in place or confusedly ran in the wrong direction. 

Despite how well the Chihuahuas did (or didn't) do, the races drew a large, cheering crowd that didn't seem to mind sitting in direct sunlight (though a fight almost broke out between two patrons vying for a spot).

Not every pup is built for speed. Some are born for the runway, which is why slower dogs were also encouraged to compete in the king and queen pageant. The contestants were judged on a basic criteria -- best dressed, best temperament, and most fashionable.

Owners were able to show off their creativity with homemade outfits including mini mariachis, cowboys, princesses, and professors. If the well-dressed Chihuahuas weren't cute and entertaining enough, the newly crowned royalty were honored with capes and trophies.

A day of racing and/or looking gorgeous can be exhausting, so attendees enjoyed some downtime by lounging in the shade or frolicking in doggie swimming pools.

Though geared toward Chihuahuas, the event was all-breed friendly. An owner of a pit bull joked that his dog was the biggest Chihuahua at the park. 

For a full visual rundown of the Chihuahua action, check out our video below and our Chihuahua Races slideshow right here. 

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Melissa Fossum
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