CityCamp Arizona Strives to Open Arizona Government Via the Internet

CityCamp Arizona, the latest "unconference" brought to us by the techie and social media geeks of Gangplank, will feature local government officials, programmers, and designers gabbing about how the digital world can improve the community.

Scheduled to take place on Tuesday, February 15, at Chandler City Hall, 175 South Arizona Avenue, the participant-driven meeting brings together movers and shakers with creative doers and thinkers for panel discussions, idea sessions, and small-group dialogues.

One of the shindig's cornerstones, according to the release, is to "create and maintain patterns for using the Web to facilitate local government transparency and effective local governance." Which basically means that tips will be doled out on how to beef up your digital presence, whether you're a crusty politician or a young buck social-media addict.

The registration list, which is still being finalized, includes a number of municipal government officials, including Onnie Shekerjian, who chairs the technology, economic, and community development committee for the City of Tempe.

Unconference hours are 7:30 a.m. to noon. It's free. Check out www.citycampaz.com.

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