Comedian Paul Rodriguez on Immigration Reform, His Skateboarding Son, and How Latinos Have Reacted to 50 Shades of Grey

To the average person, the name Paul Rodriguez invariably brings to mind memories of his numerous appearances in flicks like Tortilla Soup, A Million to Juan, or Born in East L.A. (the film that launched his cinematic career). Those are merely one part of Rodriguez's lengthy and varied résumé over the past three decades, as he's also pulled numerous guest star gigs on the small screen, hosted game shows and a talk show, and is an outspoken activist and political wag.

He's also an affable guy, one helluva funny stand-up comedian, and arguably one of the most famous Latino comics working today. Rodriguez took time away from his busy schedule of doing stand-up gigs across the country, promoting the 2012 documentary The Fight for Water (in which he makes an appearance on behalf of struggling farm workers in California's Central Valley), and meeting with politicians to speak with Jackalope Ranch about his performances this weekend at Stand-Up Live.

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