Coyote Ugly

The Cardinals are perpetually pilloried. The Suns are scrutinized like lab rats. The Diamondbacks get love even in the off-season. The Phoenix Coyotes are just ignored, and that’s the worst thing you can say – or not say – about a pro team. Sports-radio buffs that we are, we’ve only heard the Coyotes mentioned once this season. Once. It’s not like we’re complaining, ’cause we don’t want to hear about ’em, either. Call it the Icarus Effect, the product of a boneheaded franchise that flew too close to the sun in a hubristic attempt to bring hockey to the desert. Duh. In fact, we’re only talking about the pathetic pups now ’cause they’re hosting the Detroit Red Wings – the NHL equivalent of the Boston Red Sox. Go Wi-, er, ’yotes.
Sat., Dec. 29, 7 p.m., 2007
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Clay McNear
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