Cut Your Own Bangs (in Three Easy Steps)

Whether you were 5 or 25, you've probably been the victim of bushwhacked bangs.

"Never, never, never cut your own bangs," says local all-around stylist and makeup artist, Shauna Thibault, "but if you absolutely have to ..." she offers a few suggestions for creating fabulous fringe.

1) Wet it down Get hair wet and part down the center using your nose as a guide ...

A complete illustrated guide with tips from Thibault is after the jump ...

2) Ask yourself: How thick do I want my bangs?
If you like wispy bangs, start at your hairline and go back about an inch. For thicker bangs, go back 2-inches, then part with your recession line, or where your hair might naturally recede (see pic 3). Brush forward. These are the bangs you'll cut.

3) Chop, Chop If you want blunt bangs, cut hair straight across. If you like your bangs choppy, cut into bangs with the scissors at a diagonal, but don't go into them any more than 1/4 inch (see pic ).

Wet hair will shrink. Better to start cutting longer that you want and take a few passes until they are the right length.

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Carrie Wheeler