Dirt Nasty meets Dirty Scottsdale

Love him or hate him, there's no escaping rapper Dirt Nasty, otherwise known as actor Simon Rex. Rex has performed with Mickey Avalon and will be invading Scottsdale's Martini Ranch on a weekly basis for the club's new night Hustlerwood. You're welcome, Scottsdale. Rex seems to be a regular in the Dirty Scottsdale nightlife scene, often popping up at clubs like The Lodge or Dirty Pretty. And now you can see him every week!

The new night, which kicks off Thursday, July 30, will feature live music, a wet t-shirt contest, guest DJ's and "celebrity" guests. We're guessing this will be a pretty D-List event but is sure to pack in the usual $30,000-millionaire club in Scottsdale. Most notable? Local guys Weird is the New Cool are set to perform on Thursday, Aug. 6 so we recommend heading out on that night to catch some real talent.

As for Rex, we're not sure what else he's doing these days. He had a stint in the porn industry several years ago, a gig on MTV and various acting projects. These days it seems he's pouring most of his dirty/nasty energy into the rap game.

Thu., July 30, 8 p.m., 2009
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Kelly Wilson