DIY Drama: Insurgent Theater Hits Phoenix

Ben Turk isn't trying to turn you in to an anarchist.

But if you want someone to discuss it with, he's okay with that.

"The idea is to get people to think about questions they maybe haven't before," Turk says, explaining his purpose for his DIY company Insurgent Theater's latest production, "Ulysses' Crewmen."

In the performance, coming to the Trunk Space tonight, an anarchist kidnaps a U.S. delegate on his way to a conference of global economic powers, and in the process, raises questions about the capitalism, democracy and how far activists should go for their cause.

(more about Insurgent Theater and a video preview of "Ulysses' Crewmen" after the jump)

"Ulysses' Crewmen," in true DIY fashion, consists of just three artists. Turk, who wrote and acts in the piece, is joined by actor Kate Pleuss and musician Peter Woods.

"It's as simple as it gets. Two actors, a chair and a few other props, and the music," Turk says.

While Insurgent Theater may not be filling the Orpheums of North America on this tour, Turk says doing it his way is the way to go. He gets to engage with the audience more, find creative solutions (with fewer resources) and he doesn't have to answer to any deep-pocket donors.

"We're able to take more risks," Turk says.

Check out Insurgent Theater's production of "Ulysses' Crewmen" tonight, July 14, at the Trunk Space at 7pm. Tickets: $6

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