Drag Queen Pandora Boxx Takes Over the Rock, Cracks Jokes at Bachelorettes, and Urges Crowd Not to Vote for Romney

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Drag is a great way for queens to embrace their inner divas, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. On Friday, August 24, Pandora Boxx performed in front of a sold out crowd at The Rock.

Boxx, the drag persona created by Michael Steck, didn't quite make it to the final round of RuPaul's Drag Race, but she did win Miss Congeniality by a landslide. Her hilarious and campy style translated well to her live performance. Check out the photo rundown in our Pandora Boxx at the Rock slideshow and read all about her performance after the jump ...

Local queens Pandora DeStrange, Olivia Gardens, and Peaches joined Pandora Boxx as a rotating cast of performers. DeStrange promptly took the stage sporting a fishnet bodysuit and a pink mohawk, as she sang along to "La Grange" and "Born to be Wild." It was quite a feat to see a drag queen actually sing, since most rely on lip syncing, wigs, and fabulous dance moves.

See the full Pandora Boxx slideshow.

DeStrange's second song was a raunchy parody of The Little Mermaid's "Under the Sea." The chorus was changed to "get down on your knees," as the performer sang about buttholes, groping, and sucking.

Peaches also assumed the dubious task of singing. She did a fantastic job covering Amy Winehouse's "Valerie," while squeezing through the room and joking about how she was too big to fit through the tables in the packed bar. At the end of each performance, she collected her tips and thanked the crowd for helping her make this month's rent.

Olivia Gardens gracefully rolled out on a pair of skates and channeled her inner Olivia Newton-John as she lip synced to the Xanadu theme. Garden wasn't the only gal sporting an '80s look, a table full of bachelorettes dressed in Madonna-inspired garb and were the subjects of many rounds of reading (or comic insults, if you're a drag newbie).

She referred to the bridal party as a group of Mormon sister wives and said, "You're so talented to make dresses out of my mother's bed sheet." The bride-to-be got a kick out of being read and took a shot on stage with Olivia.

The highly anticipated Pandora Boxx slinked on stage in a glamorous plaid dress to "Total Eclipse of the Heart." In true Pandora Boxx fashion, her lip sync included some humor, as she physically turned around each time Bonnie Tyler sang "turn around bright eyes."

The library was once again open, as Boxx commented on the mixed crowd, going right for "the sluts" in the bachelorette party. "Let's stress like a virgin, because that's a party of whores right there," she said to the cheering group.

Boxx asked how many gay men, lesbetarians, and heterosexuals were in the audience. "In case you didn't know, I'm a dude," she said with a deadpan delivery, "Are there any heterosexuals out there? Get out of here and find your own damn bar."

Pandora Boxx sang her second song, which had the hilarious chorus of "nice car, it's a shame about your dick." You've got to give her credit for managing to rhyme "Lamborghini" with "tiny weenie" while sporting a pink corset and a blue dress.

Boxx reappeared in a '60s-inspired pink dress and a blonde beehive wig for her third and final song. She mechanically lip synched along to some Stepford Wives dialog and started to "short out," as her movements became more fluid. A disco song about taking it in the ass started to emerge between clips of Homer Simpson burping. The song eventually turned into "Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto," as Boxx completely "shorted out" as the house lights turned off.

After telling the audience that her name has two X's in it because "the second X marks the spot," she urged the fans to stand up for equality. "Don't fucking vote for Mitt Romney," she said to a cheering audience and a partial standing ovation.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.