Five Reasons Jackie Chan Would Play Sleeping Dogs (and You Should, Too)

The 90s were a time of great cartoons, sugar-coated one hit wonders, and plenty of ass-kicking moments by Jackie Chan.

And because we're bound to remember the decade fondly and have our own Chan fantasies, this year's release of United Front Game's open world action-adventure video game Sleeping Dogs is bringing it all back.

Sleeping Dogs takes place in Hong Kong and the player is Wei Shen, a cop on the edge who's looking for revenge. It's a Grand Theft Auto clone at its core, but it's definitely the best earnest attempt at capturing the cinematic qualities GTA IV tried to replicate when it took the series on a more serious turns. It's an intense game. And here's why you (and you-as-Jackie-Chan) should check it out.

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Alex Weiss
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