Five Ways to Celebrate Mad Men's Return

After what seems like an eternity, AMC's sytlized drama Mad Men will return for its fifth season with a two-hour premiere this Sunday at 9 p.m. after nearly a year and a half off the air.

And for mega fans (which we will absolutely cop to being) that means going all out. From parties and outfits to drinks and duds, here are five ways to celebrate the return of Don Draper and company.

5. Party Like It's 1967
Delve into the dapper new season with a stylish evening out at Mabel's on Main. The bar's Sunday night season premiere viewing party will be more than worthy of that super cute vintage dress, which you spent way too much money on and haven't yet had reason to wear. Dust it off, along with your best attempt at a beehive, for an evening of top-notch TV, featuring Jim Beam cocktails and discounts for industry employees.

4. Draping
You've heard of it, right? Much like planking, Tebowing, and whatever the hell else the kids are doing and posting to the Interwebz these days, Draping involves striking a pose, photographing it, and publishing it via your social network of choice.

Hopping on the Draping bandwagon is easy. All you needs to do is sit down facing away from a camera and drape your arm as if you were seated on the Midcentury Modern couch on which Don appears in Mad Men's opening credits and promotional materials. Cigarette optional.

3. Throwback Cocktails
It's no secret that Don Draper's mixed drink of choice is a strong Old Fashioned. Lucky for you, our sister blog Chow Bella has bartender-approved recipes for the concoction here, here, and here.

If your mixologist skills aren't up to snuff, head to The Duce for a full cocktail menu of classics including the Moscow Mule, Sloe Gin Fizz, Sidecar, and Brandy Alexander.

2. Retro Duds
Despite her being totally the worst (c'mon, she's unbearable), getting dolled up like Don's ex-wife Betty would likely make you the best dressed attendee wherever you end up watching the new episode. Should you require a prim and proper, curve-hugging getup, the Valley is rife with vintage clothing shops stocked with Mad Men-worthy looks. We'd suggest hitting up Vintage by Misty, Butter Toast, Nostra Style House, Meat Market, or pretty much any shop on Seventh Avenue. But please, no shotguns. Okay, ladies?

1. Marathoning
In case you haven't found the time to catch up on what's happening in the world of what's now Sterling Cooper Draper Price, allow us to point you in the direction of Netflix. Seasons one through four are currently available for streaming (which costs something like $10 bucks a month). So whether you're in need of a refresher course or you've missed an ep here or there, this is probably your best bet for a few days of non-stop Mad Men.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.