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Game Changer Wrestling is coming to Phoenix in early 2024

The New Jersey-based indie promotion is bringing its hardcore wrestling action to the Valley for the first time.
Game Changer Wrestling's Jordan Oliver.
Game Changer Wrestling's Jordan Oliver. Sylvain bt./CC BY 2.0/Flickr (cropped)
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Professional wrestling fans of Arizona with a taste for extreme action and blood-drenched battles are going to get their fill early next year.

Game Changer Wrestling, better known as GCW, has announced it will make its Phoenix debut in the Valley on Sunday, Feb. 4.

The New Jersey-based indie wrestling promotion revealed the news on Friday via its social media. The announcement didn’t include venue or ticket details for the event, which will be televised on sports streaming service Triller TV, but teased that more information would be “coming soon.”

GCW is infamous in the pro wrestling world for featuring shoot (or more realistic-looking) matches with competitors using MMA-style grappling, as well as hardcore battles where almost anything goes, blood is frequently spilled and weapons ranging from kendo sticks to fluorescent light tubes are involved.
The promotion, which Sports Illustrated has described as “equal parts guts and determination,” has staged televised pay-per-view and untelevised events in such North American cities as Los Angeles, Atlanta and NYC, as well as countries like Japan and the UK.

Wrestling fanatics of the Valley were thrilled at the news of GCW’s debut in Phoenix. As one local Instagram user stated, “Holy shit, this is dope. I’ve been asking this.”
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