Give Up on These 5 Impossible Hair Trends

Hair chalking, pastel locks, and intricate braids can be fun to try, but they also can be hard on your hair and impossible to do without an extra set of hands. Yeah, your favorite pinners and bloggers might make these hair trends look glamorous. Unfortunately, unless you're a celebrity with a personal hair stylist or a collector of hair tools, these styles are hard to maintain. Here are five that you shouldn't even bother attempting.

Tie-Dye Hair: Trying to add some funk in your life? Go get a new top or some funky shoes instead of DIY destruction on your locks. This hair trend should only be attempted by a professional -- and even then it takes the right person to pull it off.

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Braids: A normal braid is okay, but the trend is getting a little cray-zay! Waterfall, fishtail and four- and six-strand braids will most likely require an extra set of hands.

Pastel hair: This trend requires serious bleaching to get the hair light enough to have to pastel show up. That'll likely make your hair feel like cotton candy -- thin and dry.

Dramatic ombre: The two-toned ombre that Drew Barrymore had rocked is working its way out, and a more blended ombre is working its way in. It's a trend that everyone wants to try but not everyone can have.

Hair Chalking: You will ruin your clothes and your hair will feel like hay.

These trends will come and go, but the damage that could happen to your hair is irreversible. Talk to your stylist about getting some clip-in extensions that are pre-lightened and have your stylist color them. That way, you can have fun trying out exciting trends, without compromising your mane.

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