GOOD 'N PLENTY: SMoCA's Community-Funded Artist Grant and Local Art Celebration Returns for Round Two in December

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The purpose of Good 'N Plenty is simple: award a local artist a grant while providing a fun event that avoids the typical stuffiness prevalent in many grant ceremonies.

According to SMoCA Lounge Program Coordinator Tania Katan, the winner of the grant will be chosen from a group of local creative applicants (yes, there's still room to apply -- more on that later) and money for the grant comes from cash raised by the attendees of the Good 'N Plenty event at SMoCA Lounge on December 14.

Katan says the more people who attend, the larger the artist grant will be. And to make the award even sweeter, SMoCA's sister organization Scottsdale Public Art will be matching the amount raised for the grant.

All submissions will be eyed carefully by a panel of local professionals who were chosen based on diversity and how they connect art and the community, according to Katan. Members include Jaime Dempsey (Deputy Director of AZ Commission on the Arts), Gregory Sale (Assistant Professor in Intermedia at ASU), Claire Lawton (Editor of Jackalope Ranch at Phoenix New Times), Stacey Jay Cavaliere (Prevention Coordinator at 1n10), and Eric Iwersen (Principal Planner for City of Tempe).

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Taylor Brooks