Hand of God

With all of the signs, news reports, billboards and Facebook status updates on the impending rapture, Phoenix locals were shocked and dismayed to discover that no one vanished on May 21. Just kidding – we were only playing along with right-wing nut Howard Camping’s kooky prophecies so that we could have some killer pre-Judgment Day parties.

The rapture may have been a letdown, but the Savior’s no-show was just more fodder for Great Arizona Puppet Theatre’s latest Adult Puppet Slam, which features a “Left Behind” theme and edgy, original performances by the Valley's most scandalous puppeteers. Leave the kiddies at home, as you don't want to have to explain the raunchy jokes that fly during this adults-only show.

Fri., June 3, 8 p.m., 2011
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Laurel Cole