Hipster-Friendly Sharks and Minnows Pool Party Launches on June 30

The proprietors of the Phoenix Place Hotel better make sure they've got cases and cases of PBR stocked up. They'll most definitely need it when the hipster/artist crowd invades the stylish CenPho inn on Saturday, June 30, for the Sharks and Minnows pool party.

FauxShow promoter Jared Alan is organizing the event along with party princess Jen Deveroux (natch) and Party Foul's Craig Citizen, and says it will have most of the typical hipster swim soiree trappings, such as a slew of DJs and bands.

"The property has two areas [so] the DJs will be playing poolside and the live bands will be playing in the neighboring courtyard," Alan says. "I have aptly titled the stages: Debauchery Beach and The Shady Sunset Amphitheater."

Deveroux adds that there also be volleyball games going on at the hotel's sand court, shady areas to lounge about, pool toys, and whatnot.

"Basically, it will be bands on one side, DJs on the other," she says. "People can play volleyball or just chill out in the pool."

The DJ lineup includes gigs by Pickster One, Don Ricardo, Charlie Meyer, Luke Hansen, Jake Goldsmith, and others (including Alan and Deveroux). Female-fronted funk band Black Carl will also perform.

Currently, Sharks and Minnows is expected to be a one-off event with the possibility of holding other parties during the summer should it prove popular.

Deveroux says that Sharks and Minnows essentially combines Adult Swim and Star Swim, two previous hipster pool parties from recent years, into one new event.

"We don't want to use the old name Adult Swim since it didn't seem right," she says. "So we created something completely now."

Sharks and Minnows takes place on Saturday, June 30, at the Phoenix Place Hotel & Suites. Presale admission is $10.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.