Incarcerated Youth Get a Voice in Rising Youth Theatre's aDoBe in Downtown Phoenix This Weekend

"Arrested 48 times . . . Future don't exist . . .Don't ask me about my personal stories, because they all have the same ending . . . One soul lost, two weeks ago this Friday, last seen hitchhiking to Flagstaff. If found, please return to this school of schools . . ." Actor Willa Eigo (Arizona Pastorela: Mission to Mars) hesitates for a moment. "Can I just say 'this school' instead of 'this school of schools'?"

A production staffer calls back to the stage, "Okay. It's supposed to be 'this school.' That's a typo."


"Please return to this school," Eigo continues her character's monologue, "located somewhere between childhood and adulthood."

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