Intern Recites Entire Mean Girls Movie in 30 Minutes FTW

Chances are if you've seen Mean Girls, you've seen it at least a half-dozen times. The hit 2004 comedy by Tina Fey starring Amanda Seyfried, Rachel McAdams, and a still salvageable Lindsay Lohan is a cult classic among girls, gays, and anyone who had to endure the hell that is high school.

But one pink polo-wearing fan has taken his Mean Girls madness to the next level in what may be the best example of winning we've seen all week.

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NextMovie intern Christopher Rosa is milking his well-deserved 15 minutes of fame after his employer asked him to recite the entirety of Mean Girls in just under 30 minutes. The jaw-dropping video has become an Internet sensation as Rosa spews out dialogue faster than the side effect of a drug commercial, occasionally making small jerking gestures, leading you to believe that this video was sped up.

It wasn't.

Whether this guy has a true gift for memorizing movies or subtly reading cue cards, Rosa's 30-minute video deserves at least a couple minutes of viewing -- unless, you're a compulsive fact checker, in which case, good luck.

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