Kevin McDonald on Writing For SNL, His Favorite Characters, and Another Possible Kids in the Hall Tour

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Of all the characters you portrayed with Kids in the Hall, what were some of your favorites? You know, I guess my favorite was the King of Empty Promises, where I would always promise I would do something for someone with a "Will do." And when I didn't do it, "Oh, it slipped my mind." Norm and I wrote that it was sorta based on me, I'm sorta like that. I mean it every time I say it but I'm kinda the king of empty promises myself.

But the way that he speaks is how Paul Belini speaks. He's the guy in the towel that we poke with a stick and that's how he speaks. So it was my evil personality with how Paul talks. And when you put those both together, it seems like the guy is really evil.

I also have fun with Simon and Hecubus, the two things that Dave and I do. And also, something we don't talk about much, the Sizzler Sisters that Dave and I played. That was a lot of fun. Except we always lost our voice after we did it.

I was always a fan of "Daddy Drank." Yeah, yeah. That was a true story about my dad. Daddy really drank. And I was in the office one day and telling Dave and Norm those stories. And for some reason they thought it was funny and thought it could've be a sketch. Even though I thought it was sad, we made it a sketch.

So your father actually told you...uh, "I'm gonna kill you while you sleep?" Oh, yeah. Absolutely.

Did he have quiet shoes? That's imagination from Dave. His shoes were loud in real life.

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