LOL My Thesis Will Distract You from Writing Your Thesis

Ah, the thesis. It's the bane of a soon-to-be college graduate's existence, falling just behind the sad economy and the poor job market as the top reason to just never ever reach graduation.

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Because an essential ingredient to writing any thesis is procrastination, a new Tumblr is asking students to try and summarize their theses in one sentence. The crowdsourcing blog, LOL My Thesis, was created by Harvard University student Angela Frankel, who incidentally was building the site "as a means of procrastination from [her] own thesis."

The end result of her unproductive efforts is a plethora of asinine, obvious, and, for the most part, hilarious abstract entries, some of which we've included below.

"Incest runs in the family." -- Theater, Princeton University

"Basically, Beyoncé can do anything." -- History/Study of Women and Gender, Smith College

"Can't we all just get along? Get along my way, that is, not everyone else's wrong way." -- Political Science, Reed College

"Shit we shoot in space might kills us if we don't clean up after ourselves -- world get your space brooms out." -- International Security, St. Norbert College

"You hear that sound? Yeah. Someone's already written that down." -- Music, University of Pennsylvania

"Here's sixty pages recounting a year and a half of work on a topic that I'm not as interested in as I thought I was." -- Environmental Studies, Gettysburg College

"Cancer: still not cured." -- Biology, Stanford

"I cured mice of the cancer that I gave them." -- Molecular Biology, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

"Students who write papers using Google translate typically do worse than if they had just copied from the textbook." -- French, University of North Texas

"I have daddy issues and I'm verbose." - Written Arts, Bard College

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