Los Suns Jerseys: A Slam Dunk for Saturday?

Last night's game was a little rough on the nerves -- we're still recovering from a near-aneurysm in the last three seconds.

But we don't have much time. Saturday is game-face day, both for the Suns and for Arizona.

It brings game six against the Lakers and the march against SB1070 to downtown Phoenix.

Sounds like a perfect "two birds, one stone" kind of opportunity for a Los Suns jersey... if you can find one.

The existence of the Los Suns jerseys isn't news -- the NBA's had Noche Latina for the last four seasons.

In fact, more than eight NBA teams have the Spanish variations of the Jerseys and have worn them in the past without great reaction.

But the Suns brought them back to the court on Cinco De Mayo and they've been seen during the SB1070 bonanza ever since -- we even spotted Mary Rose Wilcox and Al Sharpton wearing them during their latest Phoenix visit.

So where'd Wilcox and Sharpton snag theirs?

Not on the Suns official merch website nor on Ebay -- though we did see a Nash jersey go for more than $4k. Even our friends at Etsy couldn't help us out.

The only place we could find them was the official sports shop in US Airways arena. You just have to show up in person. They promise they have the Los Suns Nash variety in the store, but they can't promise they'll be there for long.

And if you do miss the Los Suns jersey window of opportunity, there are still a couple custom shops like Brand X and Reckless T-Shirts that can turn designs around in one or two days. They may not look exactly like the one Nash donned while doing this kick-ass lay up. But hey, it's game-face time.

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