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Mad One Announces Sticker Phiends 6 for Saturday, October 11

Goodbyes are never easy.

So when street artist Mike "Mad One" Neely packed his bags and left for Portland a few years back, we took it pretty hard. Fortunately, the former Phoenix-based artist must have sensed our withdrawal because he's just announced that he's coming back for a one-night-only Sticker Phiends show.

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Sticker Phiends Volume 6 is set to take place Saturday, October 11, at Cartel Coffee Lab, nearly two years after its fifth installment. Like previous shows before it, Sticker Phiends 6 will exhibit the adhesive art of street and graffiti artists from around both the country and world.

In addition to the urban works on display, Sticker Phiends 6 will also be handing out free stickers as well as selling limited edition prints and other pieces by the artists.

With a couple months to go, Mad One is currently accepting poster and sticker submissions for interested artists. Submissions must be no larger than 24 by 36 inches and must include the artist's information, price, and hanging accessories. Artists should also note that the gallery will collect 50 percent of the sales.

For those who do not have any artwork to sell but would still like to get involved, Mad One is also looking for giveaway donations such as T-shirts and sticker pads. The deadline for all donations and artist submissions is Saturday, October 4.

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