Make a Red Stripe Lamp with Rum Bar's Dwayne Allen

Usually after a long night of drinking Red Stripes, you wake up with a lampshade on your head, but Rum Bar owner Dwayne Allen found a way to turn the beer bottles into lamps themselves.

Allen says he got the idea after browsing through ugly light fixtures while drinking the beer and decided to convert the empty bottles into something unique for his newly built bar.

Find out how to make your own beer bottle lamp after the jump.

To make a Red Stripe lamp you will need:

-Safety goggles
-Two 16 penny nails
-A wooden workbench (or a wood board)
-Red Stripe beer bottle
-Straight glass cutter

-2 cooking pots (one full of boiling water and one with ice water)
-40 grit sandpaper
-Pendant lamp kit
-25 watt lightbulb

1) The best is not saved for last with this project. Down the Red Stripe to make sure you have an empty bottle!

2) Hammer in the nails into the wooden board about 2 inches apart from each other. This will serve to hold the bottle in place for the next step.

3) Hold the bottle neck with one hand and use the glass cutter to etch into the bottle about a quarter of an inch from the bottom. Spin it as you do to etch it all the way around, but don't cut all the way through!

4) Pop the bottle into the boiling water for about five seconds, then into the ice water. At this point the bottom of the bottle should pop off. Pull the bottle carefully out of the water and use the 40 grit sandpaper to smooth out the sharp edges of the cut bottom.

5) Use the pendant lamp kit to feed the wiring through the bottle and make a mount for the light bulb. Hang wherever you like and be the envy of your drinking buddies!

The Rum Bar is located at 108 E. Pierce Street in Phoenix inside the Breadfruit.

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