Meat Me at the Fair

We've always tried to like -- and spell -- fancy-ass French food like fishyswass and keesh, but our palate hails from Texas, and our culinary hero is Homer Simpson. Thus, we'll be at the front of the line when the SPAMMOBILE pulls into the Arizona State Fairgrounds to hand out free SPAMBURGERS, yummy concoctions brimming with various non-organic byproducts. The heart-attack-on-a-bun dispenser is a moveable billboard for the Hormel Foods Corporation, and, if the idea of a gelatinous mass of mystery meat doesn't appeal, how ´bout a photo-op with the tacky transport? It'll make for the perfect complement to your Pope-on-a-rope and black-velvet painting of the late disconsolate clown Emmett Kelly. Check out for kicks.
Fri., Oct. 26; Sat., Oct. 27; Sun., Oct. 28, 2007
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Clay McNear
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