Merry May Handmade

There is nothing that will make us happier than a blog that looks really, really pretty.

For that very reason, Merry May Handmade just made our day.

Actually, the blog makes many of our days as it is frequently updated by Merry May Handmade founder and passionate crafter, Ashley Eaton.

Eaton is obviously nuts about the Handmade movement (she wrote her undergrad thesis on the subject) and has made it a personal goal to foster the movement in Phoenix.

Since October 2008, the blog has been a source for all the DIYers out there. And after May's grand opening of her craft space in Butter Toast Boutique, we noticed an increase in the quality and quantity of her posts.

The blog isn't a source for straight-up instructions or how-to's -- although you can catch one every once in a while (and if you're really interested in learning some crafts, Eaton hosts classes). Instead, she fills the blog with unexpected inspirations.

Recently, she rallied a five-part Etsy tribute linking to her favorite finds on the popular website in preparation for's fifth birthday party that she hosted at Butter Toast. Eaton cultivates a good read with posts about super adorable baked goods, live blogs from national craft fairs, funny quotes, other people's projects, links to other awesome websites, and anything that strikes her fancy.

Not to mention, her whimsical posts naturally weave tidbits of Eaton's personality -- which is what a proper blog should do. And, probably the most essential part, every post includes at least one pretty picture.

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